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And so it begins...step 1 of our fireplace make-over

I was anticipating this would be a little more complicated, but it turned out to be one of the easiest projects we’ve ever done. Hope the rest of this project goes as smoothly.

We started by sprinkling some water on the hearth to see if it had a sealer on it. The water did not bead up – so no sealer. That meant we didn’t need to sand it. Sweet Baboo washed it with a non-residue cleaner and scrubbed it with a wire brush. Then we let it dry for 24 hours.

When we got to Home Depot to buy the concrete stain, it only came in gallon sizes, and we just didn’t need that much. So I asked Google if we could use regular stain on concrete. The simple answer is – yes. I chose a color called Carbon Grey by Varathane.

Supply list is pretty basic; stain, rubber gloves, rags and chip brushes. I did it just like you would stain anything else, brushed it on, and wiped it off.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend this if you are going to be staining a floor. The regular stain doesn’t penetrate as far into the concrete as the “concrete stain” and could wear off with a lot of foot traffic. But for this application it worked perfectly.

I couldn’t be happier with the result! I didn’t realize how bad the hearth looked until we did this. Once, we get the tile and shiplap up I’ll decide if I want to darken it with another coat, but I’m diggin’ the color right now.

So, if you have a small area of concrete to stain – this method might be an option for you.

Next comes demo! We’ll be removing the mantel and old paneling in a few days – stay tuned!

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