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Backyard Makeover

The quarantine has given us a lot of time to complete some projects. I never dreamed we would complete the backyard makeover this year. The plan before all this started was to get the deck portion done and work on the fire pit area maybe this fall.

But with the abundance of time on our hands we were able to complete both projects and really turn this backyard into a great entertainment space.

I’ll start off with a couple of before pictures so you can see what we started with. Not much, a concrete patio and chain link fence.

One of the first things we did was remove the chain link fence. We expanded the space by several feet on each end and on the back. This gave us more room to work with, and more room for the dogs.

We installed the pergola last spring, it has a shade cloth over the top and a retractable shade at the back, so you can be out there almost the entire day and not be in direct sun.

This is a great space and we use it a lot. But it’s wasn’t quite big enough. I wanted room to have a table to seat 6, and a fire pit. All these areas needed to connect so it would be one continuous flow. When I was designing the layout I felt that having some height variations and using different materials to designate the spaces was important. I didn’t want just one big long expanse of wood or more concrete.

The ground level deck was built so it hangs over the end of the concrete patio just a bit, and it’s just one step up from the patio to the deck. Off the opposite end of the deck, it’s one step down to the fire pit. Continuous flow.

We created the fire pit area by laying out paver blocks to create a boarder, then filled in with pea gravel. We added 3 large stepping pavers at the front so you can enter from the sidewalk as well.

The addition of a simple bar make from treated lumber and metal brackets – add 2 metal stools and we have another place to hang out.

Lastly, we added a television, now we can watch our favorite shows and moves out here too.

We now have seating for 20 in this space, with different areas so guests can spread out and enjoy the weather.

I think we are ready for a party! Cheers!!

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