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Brick clips - who knew?

Ever since we moved 2 years ago into a home that has a sun room with 2 brick walls, I've struggled with hanging art out there. I hated having to drill holes into the brick - well Sweet Babbo hated it. But I can't tolerate a bare wall.

Thankfully, all my prayers were answered (for this particular dilemma) when I found these little beauties - Brick Clips! Maybe I'm late to the party and everyone already knows about these - but I don't care - they are new to me and I'm thrilled.

I found these on Amazon and they come in 4 or 6 packs. The 4 pack is like 7 bucks. I've never seen them in the hardware stores, but maybe they have them too.

As you can see the front has 2 slots and the back has and end that's springy and an end that has teeth. You put the springy end on first, then the teeth end grabs onto the top of the brick.

Just position these on the wall where you want them - choose a slot on the front, depending on how high or low you want, and slip the hanger on the back of the art over that slot.

The best part, especially for someone like me that likes to change things up on a regular basis - no damage to the wall and I can move things around as much as I like!

If you have been struggling with hanging art on your brick wall or fireplace - problem solved -your're welcome

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