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Can you help me I’m Fall(ing)?

I was even more excited to get my fall decorations up this year. With everything that’s going on in our country, the summer seemed long and disappointing. One day much like the next, same news stories, same issues – endless and relentless.

Then the weather changed around here, and it brought a little sense of relief, at least for me. Things aren’t really standing still – things are changing.

Regardless of what the human race brings to the table, Mother Nature continues forward. The seasons change, and little by little old is replaced with new. That’s comforting to me somehow.

Here’s what I’ve done outside this year –

I got these terracotta pumpkin stacks at HomeGoods this year. All 3 were white, they didn't really stand out - so I decided to paint the top 2, and I like them much better. These are the same plant stands I use pretty much year round - they were a hand-me-down from my Mom, and I've put them to good use. They are wrought iron and have weathered to the perfect patina. The rugs came from Kirklands.

Of course, no picture of the front of my house would be complete without a Doodle in the front door.

The bench got dressed up with pillows and a blanket. I added willow pumpkins and a mum to one side.

And, a large basket with sunflower plant and pumpkins, gourds, etc. to the other side.

For the narrow wall by the garage door I made this floral arrangement with an old metal cone I found at a junk store. I've never been sure what to use it for, but I really like the way it looks with these floras in it.

Below it I just added a couple of pumpkins and a yellow mum.

I put my big pumpkin planters outback this year. These came from At Home many years ago. They are Styrofoam and the top was carved out so they could be used as planters.

The bee skeps and dried hydrangeas on the dinner table in a large wire sorting basket. I got the skeps earlier this year and they've weathered to a beautiful color.

I have two of these meal orbs and they hang from the pergola posts as you come out the back door. I kept it simple this year, some small mums and ivy.

Well, it's certainly looking, and starting to feel like fall around our house. I for one am ready for it. Think I'll build a bonfire this weekend!

Next time, I'll show you the fall decor I did inside the house.

Until then, Cheers!

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