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Come in my pretties

I've been such a kid about Halloween this year. I guess we could all use a little escapism.

Loving our outside decorations - I think it's just the right mix of spooky and cute.

I picked up the Halloween door mat at the local Peddler's Mall for 10 bucks! Love a bargain!

The pumpkin stacks are terracotta and came from Home Goods. They were white when I bought them and I painted the blue and orange to add some contrast.

I made this sign for the front door last year, and it's still one of my favorites. Could the frame be anymore perfect?!

We made the web from super size yarn I got at Michael's. The spider came from Amazon.

What Halloween porch would be complete without your friendly neighborhood skeleton?

We did a flying witch last year but it was basically a head with some black gauze. This year I made a stuffed body for her by sewing a black long sleeve tee shirt and a pair of black yoga pants together and stuffing them with plastic grocery bags - reuse and recycle! She looks much more realistic this year!

I did a tutorial on how to make this sign a couple of weeks ago, you can find it under "Tutorials".

I guess it's time to scurry off...hope your Halloween is spooktacular!


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