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Creating a space to create

I have a large workroom in the basement, where I do a lot of projects. It’s big enough that I can leave my sewing machine, my Cricut machine and painting space all set up. All my supplies are easily accessible and if I make a mess, I can close the door and no one see it.

But I don’t really have a space to edit photos, work on mood boards or floor plans. I could probably do all these things in the basement workroom, but there’s no natural light, and its utilitarian – not so much a space that inspires my creativity. So I decided to turn the small middle bedroom into a home office.

My original plan was to have a daybed in there along with my desk, hoping to maintain a dual purpose space. But that didn’t really work out. The room just isn’t big enough to accommodate both.

This is the mood board I’ve created for this space. I love mood boards because they give you a chance to visualize in a more tangible way the look of the space. It also gives me a chance to see all my choices together to ensure they work with one another. I use Milanote they have a free version or a Pro version. It’s easy to use and gives you the option to upload your own photos and create several different types of creative boards.

The wall color is a great greenish grey, there will be pops of green and pink throughout the space. I will be painting this floral mural on the wall behind the desk. I wanted one of the floral wallpaper murals you are seeing all over IG right now, but they are pricey. So I figured out another way to get what I wanted.

I’m super excited about the artwork I’ve picked out to go above the credenza. I’ve wanted these prints from Ink & Drop since I first saw them over a year ago. I love the whimsy, and the unexpectedness of them. They make me smile, and will serve as a reminder not to take myself too seriously. I’m not going to identify which prints I’ve chosen, that will be for the final reveal. But if you want to take a guess you can leave a note in the comments.

I’m excited about this space, it will give me a place that inspires me to create. Hopefully, I'll have a reveal in a couple of weeks.

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