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It's a good time to start a new project!

Since there's not much going on in January and February we are going to start one more indoor project before Spring (when all of our energy will be directed to outdoor projects). If we start now we should be able to finish up before some warmer weather gets here.

For this project we'll be making over our fireplace and the wall behind it. Here's what it looks like now.

The wall behind the fireplace is wood paneling that's seen better days. It's warped in the corner behind the TV cabinet and I think it's original to the house (1963). All in all it's not bad, but like most things in this house it needs to be taken to the next level.

Here's my design board for the makeover.

First we'll be staining the concrete hearth a dark grey. Then the brick will be resurfaced with the gorgeous ceramic tile! The paneling will be replaced with ship-lap that I plan to paint in Rain by Sherwin-Williams. We will add a big chunky wood mantel and sconces on either side. I can't wait!

I'll be taking you guys along for the entire process. Our first step will be to stain the hearth, stay tuned to see how that goes.

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