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Leaping Hare

Easter is upon us, and even though the churches won’t be full, I hope it brings the sense of renewal and rebirth that it usually does. I know we could all use some uplifting. Even if the Resurrection of Christ isn’t your particular religious belief, the idea of rebirth, renewal and a fresh new start is something I think we probably all have a new appreciation for.

I did this leaping hare door hanging several weeks ago. It’s a project that’s a little more advanced, in as much as I did the entire project free hand – but you could certainly make a stencil on your Cricut machine.

The step-by-step is listed below.

I started with a wood oval purchased from Hobby Lobby. I painted it in a soft black, then sanded it.

Next I took a flat brush, the grey and soft white paint and did a very loose unevenly spaced checked pattern. I intentionally didn’t measure the spacing because I wanted a very rustic loose look. Plus most of the checked pattern would be covered with the hare.

Once the checked pattern was dry I drew on the hare with chalk. Then painted the outline and filled in the body with the blue.

I took the chalk and wrote out the Happy Easter and painted it in the pink color. The good thing about drawing your design with chalk is that you can take it off easily if it’s not just right, and do it again.

When everything was good and dry I sanded it for a rustic look and finished it with a clear wax. To hang it I simply attached a ribbon to the back.

Whatever this Sunday means for you, I hope you and your loved ones will be safe and healthy.

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