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Let's make a terrarium

House plants are really having a moment and I find myself being dragged on board this particular trend. I’ve been wanting to add a terrarium to my plant family for a while, and I finally found a glass container I liked.

This is the first terrarium I’ve made but it was super easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

· Glass container (with our without a lid)

· Potting soil

· Horticulture charcoal

· Small rocks/pebbles

· Any type of moss

· Plants

Here’s the stuff I used, I got all of it at Home Depot. I spent about $40 for everything.

First the rocks or pebbles go in, these aid in drainage since your container doesn’t have a hole to allow it to drain.

Next the horticulture charcoal, this also helps with drainage and balancing the pH level.

Then the potting soil, make sure you put in enough to be able to burrow a little hole (a couple of inches) for your plants.

The plants I got are all succulents and I bought a small pot that had several different kinds in it. I broke them apart, made small holes just big enough to cover the little roots, and patted the soil around them.

Once you have your plants in place add your moss. The moss will help hold in moisture (plus it hides the soil and gives a more finished look).

Then you can add some decorations if you want. I added a feather and a small metal lizard.

Super cute, right?! I’m no houseplant expert but if I can do this – you can too. It’s a great project to do with kids.

I recently bought a monstera deliciosa that I’m pretty excited about. I’ll be doing a post about it and show some of my other favorite plants soon.

Until next time, cheers!

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