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Let's take the stairs!

No this is not about getting more exercise. We did a quick, inexpensive makeover on the stairs to our basement.

This was the only carpet in our entire house, and it was nasty. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a before pic, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Plus it was grey – everything in the stairwell was grey.

We ripped out the old carpet, as you can see it covered the entire tread and I wanted to change it up to a runner down the middle. This meant we had to cut back the padding, remove the tack strips, repair the nail holes and paint the treads.

I bought two runners, I chose something with a pop of color to brighten this space up a bit. It’s pretty eye catching now!

This entire project cost about $125 bucks. The runners were like $50 bucks each and the rest of the cost was just miscellaneous supplies. Big improvement for little cost – my favorite kind of project!

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