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When it comes to artwork I’m kind of picky. Art and what constitutes art is VERY subjective. But the right piece of artwork can really make a statement or be the little piece that pulls an entire room together.

I’m very lucky, in as much as, my step-father Don Cull is a painter (in addition to being a great Dad). My home is filled with mostly original artwork of his.

But I get it, original art can be expensive. If you have to do mass produced artwork at least look for pieces that are unique and speak to your style.

A great place of find unique affordable art, is your local thrift shop, flea market or junk mall. Or – with a few thrifty purchases, you can make some great art (no talent required). Check out the art I put together for my kitchen.

I have this wall space between the windows in my kitchen I’ve never had the right piece of art for. It’s a high traffic and narrow space so whatever goes there can’t stick out too much. It finally hit me one day when I was in the work room that I could make art for that wall out of stuff I already had.

I picked up these frames second hand for like 5 bucks a piece (you can see they were originally $25). The coffee table book of black and white animal photos (Other Animals by Elliot Ross) I grabbed at Home Goods (I miss HG sooo much) on clearance. I originally had it on my coffee table, but a certain golden doodle decided it looked tasty and chewed the cover. I've had all these things in my work room for quite some time. Often it takes me a minute to figure out what I’m going to do with stuff, you can’t rush inspiration ; )

I took the book of photos and picked out 3 that really spoke to me. These photos aren’t your typical cute animal photos, they are stylized photos in black and white – these animals have attitude!

I took my exact-o knife and cut the photos as close to the spine as I could. Then I simply removed the back of the frames and used tape to hold the photo to the mat, then replaced the back.

I love the way these turned out! The metal frames and stylized photos give them a modern edge that keeps them from looking too country.

You don’t have to settle for boring mass produced art or shell out for a piece of original art (unless you can afford to), to have unique interesting pieces for your home.

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