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Everybody needs a gang of their own, people who have your back, that make you smile, that accept you unconditionally. I’m lucky – I have a wonderful gang, it’s small, but it’s mighty. Filled with people that inspire me, and that I hope I inspire, people that I respect and that respect me. People that see more in me than I can see in myself.

But this is about a completely different gang…this gang hangs on the wall of my new home office.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned prints I had ordered from Ink & Drop for the home office makeover.

May I introduce you to Lord and Lady Larceny, or as they are known at Ink & Drop “The Gang”.

Aren’t they fabulous?! I saw these prints over a year ago (long before COVID and masks was a thing), and I just loved the kitschy, whimsical take on pieces of classic art. I wanted them so BAD! But alas, I had no were to hang them.

Fast forward and here we are – making the spare room into a home office. These prints were one of the first things on my design board for this space. I ordered the largest size they come in – I wanted these guys to be in your face.

The prints arrived in about 2 weeks, all the way form Jolly Ole’ England, and they were awesome! Printed on thick heavy paper, crisp, clear, beautiful prints.

Check out their tattoos! Total gangsters ; )

I picked up black poster sized frames at Michael’s during a BOGO sale, and they fit perfectly. These prints add an element of unexpectedness, they make you do a double taken, and then you smile.

If you like this kind of thing you should check out Ink & Drop, they have some really cool stuff.

Next time, I’ll show you the very groovy 1963 buffet I found to use as a credenza. It has a hidden secret.

Till then, cheers!

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