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Pimento cheese – not just for tea sandwiches anymore

It’s a Southern staple of ladies luncheons. But in recent years pimento cheese has had a revival, being used as a topping for hamburgers, or inside grilled cheese, even made into fritters.

Pimento cheese has been one of my go-to’s whenever I need to take something to a party. Plus my oldest granddaughter loves it – so I make it often.

I’m told mine is really good, and I get asked for the recipe often. So I thought I would share it. Although, it’s so simple to make, I hesitate to call it a recipe.


1 – 8 ounce block of extra sharp cheddar cheese

1 – 8 ounce block of pepper jack cheese

1 – 4 ounce jar of pimentos

Duke’s mayonnaise (1/2 cup?)

The mixture of the extra sharp cheddar and the pepper jack cheese are the perfect combination. Don’t worry about the pepper jack adding too much spice, it’s tempered by the cheddar and mayo. I also, like the texture the softer pepper jack adds.

I recommend buying the blocks of cheese – not pre-shredded. It really doesn’t take long to shred it by hand and it just has a fresher taste and a more substantial texture than pre-shredded. I break the blocks in half, shred half of each, and then repeat with the remaining sections.

I take a fork and combine the two cheeses – add the jar of pimentos – don’t drain them! Take your fork and combine them into the cheese.

Lastly, I add my mayonnaise – I’m a fan of Duke’s. I don’t really measure how much mayo I put in, I usually add a couple of big globs (technical term), mix it together and see if it needs more. I like a mixture that is more cheese than mayo, the cheese and pimento should be the stars and the mayo adds the binder and creaminess. Also – use a fork to mix everything together – to me a spoon smashes it too much.

That’s it! Put it in a cute crock, bring some crackers or celery or even cucumber slices, and you have the perfect dish for the next pot luck. (Of course you can add it to a burger, or crust-less white bread triangles, it’s good anyway you want to eat it!)

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