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Quick & easy Valentine's Day projects

Quick and east Valentine’s Day projects

I haven’t posted a blog in a while – since before Thanksgiving to be exact. I’ve been very uninspired over the past few months. But the clouds seem to be clearing and I did a couple of quick, very easy Valentine’s Day projects for my mantel and thought I would share them.

Stuffed felt hearts


Pre-cut felt squares in reds/pinks

Heart template (I used a cookie cutter)

Jumbo cotton balls

Hot glue

Decorative paper straws

· Fold the felt squared in half and draw 3 hearts on each, then cut them out

· Use your hot glue (I used my low temp gun) and glue around the edges – but leave the bottom open

· Pull the cotton balls into 3 pieces

· Use the straw or your finger to stuff them inside the heart

· Then place your straw at the bottom opening and hot glue the straw to the felt and the opening closed

Put them in a vase or jar and you have a heart bouquet!

Valentine’s Day framed ephemera –

I had this framed print on the mantel already but I wanted to change it up for Valentine Day


1 frame with glass

1 stuffed felt heart (no straw)

Sheet music or other paper item (this was a page from an old book)

Vintage post cards (old postcards I had in my stash, but they are easily found)

Scotch tape

· Arranged your items on the glass and around the frame (make sure it covers the original artwork inside the frame)

· Roll your scotch tape in on its self and attached the items to the glass/frame

Since I’ll want to use this print and frame again, this gave me a every temporary way to change it up for the holiday.

I put these on the mantel with a small pink paper lantern. I think it turned out really cute!

The paper lanterns play a big part in the Valentine’s Day porch design – I’ll be sharing that next week. It might be the favorite porch design I’ve ever done – stay tuned!

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