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Summer wreath tutorial

I’ve discovered through all of the upheaval we’ve been through lately, that my response to this kind of stress is to either overeat or make stuff. The overeating part needs no explanation, so I thought I would show you how to make this easy summer wreath. In case you need some crafty stress relief.

I went into JoAnn’s looking for some fabric (which I didn’t find), and stumbled across florals for 70% off. As you probably know, florals – at least good looking ones – are expensive. I try to pick them up whenever I see them on clearance or with a big markdown. So I was able to get 7 really large nice stems for around 10 bucks.

I had no plans for how to use them at the time, but I did need a new summer wreath – perfect!

Here’s the supplies you’ll need;

Styrofoam wreath form (green preferably)

7 large floral stems

Hemp cord

Spanish moss

T-head pins

Low temp glue gun (keeps from melting the Styrofoam)

I separated the floral blooms and leaves from the stems. Then I did a dry run and placed the florals on the wreath by pushing them into the wreath form, just to get an ideal of the placement that worked best. When I had an arrangement I liked it laid them out on the table in the same order.

Next, I began wrapping one half of the wreath form with the hemp cord. I started out placing a T-head straight pin through the cord into the Styrofoam. This helps secure the cord a little better than just the hot glue. And because you are using the low heat glue gun to keep from melting the Styrofoam, it just makes for a tighter attachment.

Start wrapping the cord around the wreath form, make sure to pull it really tight as you go so the green form doesn’t show through. You can glue it every so often to help keep it in place. When you’ve covered about half the form with the cord, put another pin in the end to secure it.

Then apply your Spanish moss to the other half of the wreath form. I just pulled off big globs – spread some hot glue on the form randomly and stuck the moss on in sections until it was covered.

This is what you should have -

Now for the florals. Working from the layout you made, secure the florals to the moss part of the wreath with hot glue. If the floral heads are large and you feel like they are kind of floppy, you can use a straight pin to help secure them to the Styrofoam.

Work your florals in this way until they are all attached. Then take some of the leaves/greenery you removed from the stems and secure them with hot glue along the wreath above the florals.

I used a small ribbon in a color that compliments the floras as a hanger. You could make a more elaborate ribbon if you wanted.

Hope this will inspire you to make your own wreath – even if you don’t need stress relief.

Until next time – bee kind to one another.

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