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Takin' it to the studs - phase II of our fireplace makeover

The real work started this weekend. We took down the old paneling, which turned out to be original to the house (1963). You can see in this photo where it had started to warp (this was hidden behind the TV cabinet).

Once all the paneling was down it was clear there was no insulation behind that wall, so we will be fixing that before we put up the ship lap.

All in all, the demo wasn’t too bad. Everything came apart pretty cleanly, no damage to the other wall or ceiling – so I call that a win.

Sweet Baboo did start putting up the tile that will cover the brick. It took a lot of measuring and brain power to figure out where to start so that the pattern would come out correctly. Plus the brick surface isn’t completely flat and smooth, and although the structure was in good shape and quite square – it still required some finesse and cussing to get it figured out. Hey, I just come up with the ideas, it’s up to him to make them work.


We had to use a special solution added to the mortar (not water). It makes the mortar adhere better to surfaces like brick. So if you decide to cover your brick fireplace with tile, be sure to ask your tile supplier about that.

I got the tile and other supplies from The Tile Shop, in Louisville. Super nice folks, knowledgeable and helpful.

He got pretty far by lunch time Saturday and had the entire face of the fireplace covered yesterday. None of it fell down overnight, so again, I call that a win.

I’m loving the look so far. We will be working on it more this week, then on to grout, then hanging the ship lap.

I did make one change to the design plan and we are now going to put the TV over the fireplace. I never really liked the TV over in the corner, and it will clear up some room so I can better utilize the space. Our living room isn’t large, so every inch needs to be functional.

Stay tuned as we get further into this project.

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