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The floral mural - how I did it

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope” – Lady Bird Johnson

I love this quote, it does symbolize the hope I feel when I’m in my new home office. They say if you visualize what you want, it’s a first step to getting it. Plus – this floral mural makes me smile.

I’m going to be doing the reveal of the home office, one piece at a time – then the entire finished project. First up is the floral mural and how I did it.

I used a projector to do the outline of the design. There are some pretty slick, compact projectors out these days. But I didn’t use one of those – I went totally old school with an over-head projector and transparency. Now some of you have probably never seen anything like this. These puppies are what presenters used to project their documents, graphs and pie charts back in the old days – before lap top computers.

You can pick these up on-line along with the transparencies for pretty cheap. I got mine at a junk store, and I’ve had it for quite a few years. I used it to project designs on furniture when I was doing a lot of painted furniture. I almost got rid of this one when we moved a couple years ago – but for some reason I hung on to it. And, I’m glad I did, I’ve actually used it a couple of times recently.

The image I chose is a vintage black and white graphic that I downloaded from The Graphics Fairy. I printed it onto the transparency with an old ink jet printer.

Once I had the image placement on the wall, I traced the outline with paint pens. The walls have a little texture to them and a pencil just wasn’t cutting it so I chose paint pens in the colors that I wanted to use.

When the outline was dry I started to fill in the base colors. I used acrylic paints for this part. I chose a few different shades of pink for the flowers and the green for the leaves is a custom mix of medium green and linen.

I wanted the colors to have some highs and lows (not just solid colors), so they would have some depth, more like real flowers and leaves. For that I used several different techniques; a deer foot brush, a paper towel and my fingers. It was kind of trial and error until I got the desired effect.

Once all the base colors were dry I went back with paint pens for the highlighting and shadowing. The entire process took about 8 hours.

I really do love the way it turned out. I get so much satisfaction from doing projects like this. It’s unexpected and quirky, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Next time we’ll talk about the chair that was the jumping off point for the entire design for this space.

Until then, cheers!

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