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The Horn of Plenty

I’ve had this cornucopia for a couple of years, I got it second hand for a steal. I had a vision for how it should look but was never able to get it the way I wanted it. Until now….

I was encouraged by the beautiful arrangements of Suzanne Zingg @suzannezinggstyle. She does absolutely stunning arrangements, tablescapes, mantels and Christmas trees. The things she does with fruits, vegetables, florals and greenery – can you tell I’m a fan girl.

She recently shared that she uses wooden shish-kabob skewers to secure many of the elements in her arrangements. So I decided to give it a try – and it works! You can break the skewers off to the length you want, put the pointy end into the fruit or veggie and then put it in your Styrofoam (or chicken wire). Plus they are much cheaper than the floral picks you can get at the craft store (I got mine at Dollar General).

I got a round Styrofoam and most of the vegetables/floras at Hobby Lobby (on sale of course). I started by inserting the Styrofoam into the opening of the cornucopia and secured it by pushing wooden skewers through the outside of the cornucopia into the foam, then trimmed the skewers to be flush.

The first piece I placed was the largest (the cabbage) then worked the other pieces around that. I did move things around a time or two to get it exactly right. I also added a little Spanish moss to a few places to fill in some larger holes. I wanted it to look like the elements were flowing out, representing a bountiful harvest. I think I nailed it!

This piece turned out so well, that I have a Christmas arrangement planned – for this

….stay tuned.

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