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Waiting on the perfect piece

Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect piece of furniture. At least for those of us that don’t have an endless of supply of storage units with pieces just waiting for the right spot.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not on speaking terms with patience – we give each other the finger when we pass in the hall ; )

But this time, patience truly paid off. And the perfect piece came to me. My husband’s Niece sent pictures one evening of an antique cabinet that a family friend was selling, and wanted to know if we knew anyone who would be interested (I used to buy and sell vintage and antique furniture).

As soon as he showed me the pictures I’m sure I heard angels singing. I had been looking for a piece to use as a pantry in our kitchen for almost 2 years. It had to be very specific dimensions to fit the space, and a very specific style to complement the design. Not asking much. But sure enough – it did exist. Exactly what I wanted, at a price I could afford.

From what we know, the family friend’s grandmother brought it with her from Virginia. It still has wavy glass in the doors and flat head screws, so best I can tell it’s probably from the 30’s.

It was in great condition, the wood was a little dry and it needed a good cleaning.

We used Murphy’s oil soap to give it a good wipe down, then followed up with some hemp oil, to restore the luster of the wood. I added a bold wallpaper to the back behind the shelves to update the look a little.

For the top (the part you can see), I used a lot of glass jars to store my baking staples in, and made labels for each jar. Baskets hide some of the boxes, pouches and bags of food stuffs on the next shelf. On the bottom shelf I left the canned goods visible, and a small wire shelf to organize them. The other side has an enamel tray to organize some additional jars and containers.

Of course, the really funky stuff is in the very bottom behind the wooden doors. You know, the plastic containers you just can’t control, the big boxes or cereal, and the bag of onions.

I've been doing a bit of baking during this quarantine, and having this new organized pantry has been a dream. I hope everyone is staying safe and finding ways to stay occupied.

I absolutely LOVE this piece! I guess I might have to cut patience some slack and just sneer as we pass.

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